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User Interface Module for Life Support Systems for the Medical Industry

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A customer in the medical industry required the development of a graphic user interface module for a portable life support system to be implemented with software and hardware to monitor the physiological status of the subject in real time.

This turn-key project required software design and implementation, specific unit level testing to the customer’s specifications, IEC 60601-1-2, EMC/EMI compliance, and full documentation. Embedded software and graphical user interface design used the Metagraphics Windowing Library.

C++ and PERL were used as development languages. Electronics development and board layout used ORCAD to produce the customized daughter board. The daughter board worked in concert with an off the shelf single board computer with a MX1 Dragonball processor. The Nucleus RTOS operating system was also chosen for its flexibility. Bluetooth and RS-232 added external communications capabilities.

Utilizing extensive project management and engineering design experience, the final product passed a mutually agreed upon acceptance test. The final deliverables included layout documents and CAD databases, UI application source code, an updated requirements document to reflect any changes to the original scope, a Software Design Description (SDD) document, design control documentation, electrical requirements and initial BOM, design review minutes, diagnostics and the final design documents (theory of operations, schematics, updated BOM).

The turnaround time for this project was 15 months, which included 3 months of integrating the monitor with other parts of the system developed by other teams. This demonstrates Intertech’s ability to design and implement a full hardware/software subsystem for a client in a collaborative environment with an aggressive delivery schedule.

User Interface Module for Life Support Systems Project Highlights

Project Description
An operating graphic User Interface Module (UIM) with software and hardware was developed to monitor the physiological status of the subject in real time. The monitor was delivered and passed an acceptance test which was mutually agreed upon during the course of the project.
Type of Project
Turn-Key Development Project
Project Outcome
Intertech completed the development and successfully integrated our contributions with that of the client and other outsourced providers.
Tools Used
Processor Platform
  • MX1 (Dragonball)
Operating System
  • Nucleus RTOS
Development Environment
  • IAR tool chain
  • Perl
  • C++
  • Perl
  • Metagraphics Windowing Library
  • Bluetooth communications
  • RS-232
Other Tools
  • ORCAD Schematic Capture
  • ORCAD Layout
  • Designed software contained in the User Interface Module (UIM) as defined in the GUI specification provided by client
  • Developed unit level tests and test hooks
  • Selected an appropriate single board computer and designed a custom daughter board to meet customer specifications
  • Coordinated applicable safety and EMC/EMI compliance requirements as defined in the electrical subsystem specification
  • Provided electronic versions of all design and test documents, design review meeting minutes, lab notebooks, and associated documentation as evidence of phase completion to fulfill client Design History File and support intellectual property filings
  • UI application layer source code
  • Updated requirements document
  • Software Design Description (SDD) document
  • Design control documentation
  • Design review minutes
  • Diagnostic functions available
  • Electrical requirements and initial BOM
  • Design documents (theory of operations, schematics, updated BOM)
  • Layout documents and CAD databases
Services Used
  • Embedded software development
  • Graphics User Interface (GUI) development
  • Electronics development
  • Board layout
  • Defect tracking management
Processes Used
  • System engineering processes
  • Software development processes
  • Electronic development processes
  • Project Management
  • Customer Specifications
  • IEC 60601-1-2
Delivery/Turnaround Time
15 months
Product Type
Life Support System

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